Saturday, July 8, 2017

Guerdon Expands Marriott Hotel Production

Guerdon Enterprises and Champion's Commercial Modular have been gearing up to meet the demands for modular hotels and assisted living facilities throughout the US as as you will see in this video by Guerdon, the future is looking very bright for more factories to jump into the hotel building business.

Urban planners are now loading modular offsite construction affordable, low income and even homeless housing on onto modular's plate and before long factories will either have to open new manufacturing facilities or convert exiting manufactured housing plants and modular factories into commercial to meet the insatiable thirst the hotel industry has for modular.

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Now that Markline and Capsys are no longer in the game as well as the rumored demise of DeLuxe Structures, where do hotel and apartment developers look for additional product? Residential modular factories? Possibly.

Why Modular? Why Today? - Marriott's Initiative from Guerdon Enterprises on Vimeo.

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