Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What Happens When a Commercial Modular Company Builds a House?

Why it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Village Green Contracting, LLC specializes in mostly commercial modular projects according to their website but I must say that when they build a custom modular home it is the best.

PBS NJ Home 1.jpg

This 3,000 sq ft two story home located in Mahwah, NJ was built for Village Green Contracting, LLC by Professional Building Systems in Middleburg, PA.  

For more information about their custom homes, visit their website today:

PBS NJ Home 2.jpg

PBS NJ Home kir.jpg

PBS NJ Home bath.jpg

PBS NJ Home bath 2.jpg

PBS NJ Home 3.jpg

PBS NJ Home 4.jpg

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Builder Bob said...

Great looking home. Nice job.