Friday, August 11, 2017

Charlotte, NC Getting a Tiny House Community

Developer Kelvin Young (aka @TheTinyHouseGuy) has announced he is throwing the option into the mix here in Charlotte.

Finding affordable housing in Charlotte is getting harder every year due to the huge population boom, he started working on plans for a 56-tiny home neighborhood called Keyo Park West for like-minded minimalists.

His model tiny home is 1,800+ square foot ranch but pricing starts at $89,995 for a lot and a one-bedroom, one-bathroom 493-square-foot home.

The tiny house is not for everyone, but for people wanting to simplify or who simply can’t afford Charlotte’s astronomical rents, this makes financial sense.
A mortgage on a tiny house will likely run around $500 a month, compared with the $1,000+ in rent you’ll pay in most areas of Charlotte.

From an article in the Charlotte Agenda

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Steve L said...

I am suspecting more of these type of Tiny House Communities will be prevalent in the coming years. Interest rates and land acquisition appear heading higher and income is stagnant. Housing is an important life issue for urban low - middle income folks. We appear headed to smaller modular homes to keep the business operating.