Thursday, August 24, 2017

Guerdon Modular Delivers Another Successful Project

Cubix - North Park Micro-Apartments - A Successful Crane Installation & Education Event

Developers, contractors, bankers, city officials, and other interested participants gathered at the construction site of the Cubix - North Park Micro-Apartments in Seattle, WA to witness the crane installation of Seattle's first modular micro-apartments built by Guerdon Modular Buildings, Boise, ID.

"Micro-apartments are one solution to our current affordable housing crisis," said Daniel Stoner, owner and president of Parkstone Properties. "Modular construction provides an innovative tool to get affordable units to market quickly."

Noting that the biggest challenge to providing affordable housing is controlling costs, Stoner highlighted three valuable cost controlling benefits Guerdon's Modular Technology afforded him as a developer:
  • With Guerdon, 40% of project costs were locked in.
  • Guerdon's modules were constructed in a less expensive labor market than Seattle's labor market.
  • With a majority of the work performed in Guerdon's factory, there were fewer subcontractors to manage onsite.

Now that the modules are installed, site crews are working on structural and MEP connections, finishing the corridors and site built first floor, and finishing the exterior of the building. The total construction timeline, from ground break to occupancy, is estimated to take only ten months.

To learn more about this Guerdon project, CLICK HERE

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