Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Prepackaged Tiny Houses Could Soon be a Possibility

A London, England idea to create innovative housing could lead to someone in the US developing something like this in the US.


Self-contained micro homes are being installed inside vacant buildings across London as part of an initiative called The SHED Project

The project creates temporary affordable housing for young professionals inside empty properties like warehouses and office blocks. By doing so, the company is also helping to keep these buildings protected from squatters, vandals and deterioration.


The SHED micro home is designed to allow easy assembly in just one day using a mallet and a drill, and can also be disassembled, transported to another location and rebuilt.

Its walls are made from Smartply, a formaldehyde-free OSB, and are insulated with lambs wool for warmth and soundproofing.

If a US company were to design tiny house kits to fit 2 or 3 different lengths of trailers, it would be possible to build the main part on a tiny house over the weekend. Adding utilities, finishing it both inside and out might take a couple of weeks.

It probably wouldn’t meet the new IRC Tiny House code but it sure would be better than living in a garden shed from Home Depot.

The Shed Project does appear to have a website as yet and for now it is being built by a management company for its own properties.

If you are ready to become an entrepreneur, this could be your chance.

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