Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tesla Builds Tiny House for Australian Market

Tesla's putting a "Tiny House" on tour today in Australia, as it unveiled a project that would demonstrate its solar roof panels and Powerwall home energy storage batteries. Tesla wants to demonstrate how a sustainable energy home could work.

tesla a.jpg

Australia enjoys a healthy dose of sunshine for most of the year— in fact, it has the highest average solar radiation per square meter than any other continent on Earth, making the “Land Down Under” an ideal place for solar energy farms and home solar products.

tesla b.jpg

Tesla is hitting the road across Australia in a tiny house powered by 100% renewable energy.

Pulled by a Tesla Model X SUV, the house features a Tesla mobile design studio so visitors can check out and learn how to set up their own Tesla solar and energy storage system.

The Tiny House is powered by solar energy using a six-panel 2kW solar system attached to a Powerwall battery, where energy can be stored throughout the day and night.

I wonder if Tesla is just showing off what they can do or are they serious about entering the Tiny House market. I’ll find out next week when Elon Musk stops by for our monthly lunch at our favorite restaurant…. Waffle House.


Occupy Journey said...

Would be incredible in #HomelessEcoVille :-)

Thomas said...

How much?

Builder Bob said...

Since this is the first and only one I would think he would be happy if you just paid his develop costs on the house. Probably somewhere a million dollars.

Thomas said...

Again, How much?

Anonymous said...

Since this is a test tiny house from Tesla that is only using it to showcase its Powerwall at this time, how the hell would anyone know how much it is and you probably couldn't afford it anyway.

Thomas said...

Again, How much?

Anonymous said...

$482,451 plus shipping to the US and delivery to your home. They said they would throw in a Tesla if you were dumbass enough to buy one.