Thursday, August 31, 2017

Three Architects Firms Making News in Modern Prefab Design

Even though I am a very traditional kind of guy I am fascinated when Architects that usually design big homes, commercial buildings and museums go out of their comfort zones and present us with unique and beautiful modern tiny homes.

These three Architect firms from around the world caught my eye with some very well designed homes. Though they really don’t say if they are modular or simply prefabricated using wall and roof panels, each to them is worthy a prize.

Therefore I am rewarding each of them a Gold Star of Excellence for their featured home.

Located in Seattle, WA, Stillwater Dwellings modern prefab home designs has won “Best of Design” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design.

This home is features a ton of glass and would present a wonderful of the mountain, ocean or even a parking lot for that matter. You gotta love this home.


This London, England company actually says their homes are modular with pictures to prove it. I love the siding on this home.



Rural Design, based on the Isle of Skye in the West Highlands of Scotland, is committed to a progressive yet sensitive rural architecture. They respond to each client with imagination to deliver a project that achieves social, economical and environmental sustainability. Our approach combines practicality and intuition to achieve overall design excellence. They are currently working on residential, commercial, community and education projects throughout Scotland and occasionally abroad.


rural 2.jpeg

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