Wednesday, September 13, 2017

British White Paper Addresses Housing and Skilled Labor Shortage

Fixing Our Broken Housing Market
A White Paper Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government by Command of Her Majesty.


Now if that isn’t the introduction to fix and improve the lack of affordable housing I can’t imagine what would be. “by Command of Her Majesty” is nothing to be trifled with or ignored.

In the US it would take an act of Congress to present such a far reaching White Paper and we all know that wouldn’t be easy, especially today.

The paper points out at least four major flaws that have hindered building enough new homes and apartments throughout England. Those are:

  • Planning for the right homes in the right places

They found that in order to build the homes England needs, they need to make sure that enough land is released in the right places, that the best possible use is made of that land, and that local communities have control over where development goes and what it looks like.

  • Building homes faster

Where communities have planned for new homes, they want to ensure those plans are implemented to the timescales expected by making sure infrastructure planning is fast tracked. They will support developers to build out more quickly by tackling unnecessary delays caused by planning conditions, facilitating the strategic licensing of protected species and exploring a new approach to how developers contribute to infrastructure.

They will take steps to address skills shortages by growing the construction workforce by providing more training and pathways for young people.

Builders and developers will be held accountable for the delivery of new homes through better and more transparent data and sharper tools to drive up delivery.

  • Diversifying the market

The way in which the house-building market operates in England constrains the supply of new homes, because there is insufficient competition and innovation. They want to diversify the market to achieve the amount, quality and choice of housing that people want.

This includes supporting new and different providers, more innovation in methods of construction, and supporting new investors into residential development.

Modular and prefab housing will become a major part of this process with government helping factories get operational quickly.

  • Helping people now

The broken market is creating challenges for households across England. They realize a long-term solution is needed to build more homes.

They want to encourage more builders and developers to enter the housing market to supply new home owners and affordable rental housing. A way to identify future trends in population shift and what is needed to meet these needs is also on the immediate agenda.

This 106 page Fixing Our Broken Housing Market white paper is quite the read for US builders, developers, prefab and modular people. They have laid out the plan for what is needed in England but a lot of it applies to the US as well.

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