Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Modular Homes: The Key to Recovery After the Storm

An article by Ken Semler, Express Modular

In the last 25 years, there are four devastating storms that come to mind for most: Hurricane Andrew in Florida, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey/New York, and now… Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Each of these storms has tested the people that were affected and tested the nation in supporting them. Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, set in motion a series of events that brought homes built using modular construction to the forefront. FEMA created and published a key study that determined modular homes weathered that storm better than their site built counterparts. This finding propelled modular homes into a key position for future disaster recovery efforts.



Hurricane Andrew made landfall at Homestead, FL on August 24, 1992. The utter devastation created by Andrew was isolated to a narrow region of South Florida due to the compact size of the storm. However, that narrow path of devastation carved by Andrew was tremendous and deadly. There was a total of 65 deaths attributed to the storm. Andrew left about 150,000 to 250,000 people in South Florida homeless. Approximately 600,000 homes and businesses were destroyed or severely impaired by the winds, waves, and rain from Andrew.

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