Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Caution Modular Home Builders: OSHA Reads Facebook

Yesterday I was going through my Facebook pages where I have my 'friends' and modular home builders and factories I have Liked.

osha roofer.jpg

All of a sudden I stopped scanning the pages as I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

A modular home builder had just put up a ton of pictures of one of his houses being set. It appeared to be a 9/12 roof pitch on a cape and what caught my attention were the pictures of the roof being completed.

Not only were the men putting on the top shingles not wearing any safety gear but there was a young boy about 13 years old standing on the roof. Maybe in 1989 this might have been overlooked but today the stories of OSHA following builders, set crews and roofers seeing these pictures on Facebook are many. Once posted and viewed by OSHA you are now on their radar.

OSHA takes fall protection very seriously; Fines and citations can come from a variety of issues. Working at height can be very dangerous. Safety must be your primary concern. The following are a few reasons why companies get fined – not properly constructing or installing safety equipment; not properly training employees in the use of fall protection equipment and not using safe work practices.

First offense is usually $2,000 and rapidly climbs with each new offense.

So what did I do? I looked up his phone number. At first he was put off that some stranger (he had heard of my blog but doesn't read it) would call and then he realized the seriousness of my call.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be very careful what you post on social media as Big Brother is always watching.

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Anonymous said...

Having been involved doing insurance roof restoration in several states I can assure you OSHA does check FACEBOOK and other social media plus local permits looking for potential contractors and/or address to site visit and inspect

SAFETY for fall protection including written policy for the job site procedures are important to prevent fines and citations