Thursday, October 12, 2017

MHBA’s Annual Meeting was a “Not to be Missed” Event

To be perfectly honest, when I read the agenda for the MHBA’s Annual Meeting and saw all those state Industrialized Housing Directors speaking I thought “what a bore fest.”

But it turned out that Tom Hardiman, the Executive Director of the MHBA, had something up his sleeve. The invited State Directors from NY, MD, VA and PA brought so much frank and positive discussion to the event that even I was caught up in it.


I can’t imagine how hard it must be to bring so many state officials to a meeting in Hershey, PA, have them stand before a group of factory people and modular home builders who tend to blame them for every cloudy day and still have one of the most productive meetings on code ever. Way to go Tom!

And then he saved the best for last. Colby Swanson, a construction industry expert with Momentum Innovation Group introduced everyone to the major disruptors that have already hit the housing industry and told us more are coming forth every day and unless the modular industry begins to embrace this revolution, we may just become dinosaurs.

Not exactly what anyone wanted to hear but by golly we needed to hear it.

Great job everyone.

There will be more in depth articles coming over the course of the next few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Colby Swanson was a breath of fresh air. I am a builder and I am so tired of my rep telling me they can't build custom houses like the site builders can and this fellow talked to us about the future and I don't see where my factory will fit in.
I can't wait for the revolution.