Monday, October 23, 2017

Networking at the MHBA Annual Meeting

This year’s MHBA Annual Meeting in Hershey was the best yet. Lots of new faces and companies attended.


One of the more interesting reasons to attend any national meeting is to meet new people and exchange ideas. That happened at every break and over lunch. I saw many people exchanging business cards and phone numbers.

I had my share of meeting new people in our industry and learned enough to write a book.

Richard Lewin, President of EZ SIPS and Green-R-Panel homes was one of the first to introduce himself. His companies are located in Canada. To be honest I had never heard of his business before but after listening to him for just a few minutes I realized that his semi-prefab insulated panels just might be something the housing industry could really use.

The concept is simple: EZ SIPS are 4-foot wide EPS™ insulation panels that fit into 2×6” wall sections like a glove. It’s a new PATENT PENDING green construction building technology that enables framers to add high performance EPS insulation into their walls in just minutes!

After what was a rather interesting morning of listening to speakers from state regulators from NY, PA and MD talk about the process of getting modular homes approved for their states I had a chance to talk one on one with Joe Hill from the NY state modular housing agency and Mike Moglia, PA’s guy for all things manufactured and modular.

I asked them if I could interview them for subsequent articles and both agreed pending approval from their bosses. Knowing that both the modular home factory/builder and the state can view the process in different ways, this just might be the best time to hear from them.

If you didn’t see the guy with the cowboy hat at the MHBA meeting, you missed one of the good guys. Tom Coranato, a construction loan specialist with Citizens Bank in State College, PA, started doing lots of loans for modular home builders across the US and has become the go-to person for modular home mortgages. If you are a builder, you should talk to him.

And finally, Tom Rapps and Steve Padgett from DAP introduced themselves. Honestly, I know very little about adhesives and caulking. That is why I am meeting with them this Wednesday for lunch. I hope to become very educated on their uses and applications so I can do a couple articles about the process.

These are just some of the new people I met. Attending a BSC event, an MHBA meeting or one of my Builder Breakfasts or Boot Camps are excellent ways to expand both your network and your knowledge.

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