Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New York’s ‘Build It Back’ Program Embracing Modular

Some areas of the Build it Back program are utilizing modular homes in some of the neighborhoods hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy five years ago.

In some neighborhoods, site built homes were started a years ago and still remain unfinished.

Assembling pre-built houses on site is proving faster and cheaper than conventional building, adding some speed to a $2.2 billion recovery effort that has proceeded at a slow pace. As of this month Midland Beach, a neighborhood on Staten Island, has only finished rebuilding just 189 of the 500 homes that are expected to be replaced.

A modular home being set in Midland Beach, NY

It is the largest such effort in the nation and expands the use of modular homes in disaster recovery programs from a stopgap measure to a permanent rebuilding solution, according to city officials and industry experts. Modular homes are built to the same standards as traditional houses and look no different when fully assembled and connected to water and utility lines.

From the start in 2013, the program was plagued by miscommunication, endless red tape and spiraling costs that left thousands of frustrated homeowners in limbo for years, and drew condemnation from elected officials and community leaders.

The benefits of modular home and commercial construction are growing every year and so are the people that manage the NY Build It Back program.

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Yes the benefits of modular home construction are growing every year and so are the people that manage these Buildings.