Saturday, November 25, 2017

A True Friend of the Modular Home Industry Needs Our Help

On  Monday November 20th our friend, father, husband, mentor, co-worker, and everyone's favorite person, Steve Kennealy, sustained a severe head injury that has left him in the hospital unconscious and in a coma. Steve's friends and family have been by his side for many days and right now are praying and hoping for a recovery. There are still so many unknowns, but what we do know is Steve and his family need your help.  

Steve speaking at the Boston Modular Boot Camp

Steve was air lifted on Monday to Beth Israel hospital, where he is surrounded by wonderful Doctors and Nurses giving him by the minute care. As we all know medical care is anything but inexpensive, and Steve is in need of the top care and for what we know will be a long recovery.

Kris Megna, owner of Dreamline Homes, where Steve was part of the team said, "I write to you today because I need your help. This week a key member of our team, Steve Kennealy, had an accident on Monday, which has left him in a coma at Beth Israel in Boston. As I write this we are going on day 6 of him being in a coma. The accident has left him with severe brain damage and as of right now we just don't know how severe. We are praying and hoping for a full recovery, but truly everything is on the table right now. I wish I had better news, but I do believe in positive energy and we need everyone's thoughts and prayers. Steve Kennealy is family to us and an advocate to the modular home industry for many years. If it wasn't for Steve we sure wouldn't be where we are today. Not only that, but Steve is a beloved individual throughout the state of MA. He worked at the Department of Public Safety for many years educating and helping the public."

Being in Boston, his family has been staying in an apartment, but soon will have to leave this apartment to find new housing in the city of Boston to be close to Steve. What we do know and believe is the more we talk to Steve the more movement we feel he is regaining, which means we want his family to be as close as possible to him and need to be within walking distance. We need your help.

CLICK HERE to help Steve

Everyday at work Steve starts his day by asking " How can I make your day better?" My usual response to him is "stop being so happy. This is Massachusetts, no one is that happy." He is though. Steve is the definition of thoughtfulness and wants to make everyone's life easier by helping them in any way that he can. Anyone who has had any sort of conversation with him can't help but instantly fall in love with his personality. His love for life, people, family, dogs, and service to the general public makes him as special as they come.

Before he began working for one of the biggest custom modular home builders in the Boston area, Steve was the Dir of Manufactured Buildings for MA and worked with the modular housing industry when complaints about modular homes from home buyers, builders and even factories arrived on his desk. He is one of the biggest advocates for modular housing.

He spoke at several of my Boot Camps and Builder Breakfasts.

Steve would never ask for your help with whatever it may be. He always wants to do everything himself because he is always right :). Now is probably your one and only chance to help Steve because once he wakes up he is going to be really upset that we are giving him this much attention.

Everyone that reads this we can't stress enough. We need help. The medical bills are going to be tremendous and the cost of living for his family to be by his side is going to be expensive, not to mention his family being out of work to be at his side. We are starting the goal at $25,000 but that is just the starting point. We need to see 6 figures and we won't stop until we do. We need to all pay it forward. The holidays are about being thankful and generous and we need your generosity.

Whether you have known Steve through the construction industry, Department of Public Safety for the State of Massachusetts, The modular home industry, Dreamline Modular Homes, family, friends growing up, his East Taunton community, anything. Please, Please, Please donate and know you are giving to an amazing man and an amazing family. I am calling on all of you to help and be as generous as you can.

Please keep Steve in your thoughts and prayers throughout the holiday. We need positive energy in the air and bless all of you for what you can give. What we do know is Steve would be extremely humbled by your generosity. We are all just waiting to hear him ask us again how he can make our day better. Right now the only way that can happen is for Steve to be asking that question. God bless.


Tom Hardiman said...

Hi Gary, I always found Steve to be an advocate for the industry and willing to share his advice and expertise. MHBA hosted a meeting in Boston earlier this year, and afterwards Steve stuck around and we shot the breeze over a beer, while he shared his insights with me. This is a tragic situation for him and his family but I'm glad to see the industry stepping up and donating to this fund to help his family.

My thoughts and prayers are with Steve Kennealy and his family & friends.

Kris Megna, Dreamline Modular said...

Gary, thank you so much for bringing attention to what Steve is going through. All we can ask is the modular community comes out and supports a man who gave the last 10 years of his life to this industry. Whether many factories appreciate it and or know it, without Steve the modular industry in MA would be a far cry from where it is today. Steve did everything in his power to work with the industry and to help us all bridge the gap between all parties. I really hope many of the factory leaders step up to the plate and help him and his family. They need it. It is time to pay it forward and all I can truly hope is everyone keeps Steve in their thoughts and prayers.