Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Canada’s METRIC MODULAR Quickly Reinventing Itself

The company formerly known as Britco opened its doors Monday to Penticton media and dignitaries, announcing plans to focus on manufacturing single-family homes to be sold in B.C.

Now known as Metric Modular, the company, purchased by Triple M Housing this spring, will build homes in Penticton specifically designed for the B.C. market.

“We are doing a launch of single-family homes with Triple M Housing,” said Metric Modular President Stephen Branch.

“Triple M Housing is based out of Lethbridge, one of the largest manufacturers for single-family homes probably in North America, but specifically in Canada. They have partnered with us to produce single-family homes in the Okanagan Valley.”

Modular homes are becoming popular across Canada because of their initial affordability and their high efficiency once built, according to Branch.

The Britco Penticton manufacturing line was mothballed for about two months this year and workers were laid off in April after Triple M bought the company. But by May, the Government St. facility was hiring 40 workers for a restart.

“We had to do a transformation for the past two years, going from an RFP based company to a company in the industrial space, to going into working with developers and consumers on multi-family homes, hotels and offices,” Branch said.

While the Penticton plant will build single-family homes, a manufacturing line in Agassiz will focus on the commercial and multi-family modular construction that used to take place in Penticton under Britco.

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