Monday, November 6, 2017

Champion Will Restart All American Homes

Champion Modular, Inc. is pleased to announce that — as part of its 2016 acquisition of multiple manufacturing plants and renowned modular home brands — it is revitalizing and re-launching All American Homes®. This series of more than 25 ranch, bonus-ranch, cape and two-story modular homes features high-end craftsmanship at affordable prices.

Modcoach hasn't learned if both All American will reopen but at least one will be.

The Brooklyn from All American Modular Homes

The All American Homes’ legacy began in the 1970s and, after changes in ownership and a brief hiatus, officially debuts January 17 – 19, 2018, at the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show in Louisville, Kentucky. It is during this industry-exclusive show that Champion Modular will unveil the first home in the lineup: The Brooklyn, a three-bedroom, two-bath ranch model, showcasing the latest in design, styling and smart-home technology.

“Just as with Champion’s other brands, we know the pillars that will make All American Homes a success are its innovation, premium craftsmanship and commitment to integrity,” said Mark Yost, president of Champion Home Builders. “This new line is a continuation of an undeniably rich heritage, but it is also so much more than that. It is a reflection of this brand’s evolution — an evolution that mirrors the tastes of its customers and fits their diverse wants, needs and lifestyles.”

It was with these customers in mind that Champion endeavored to bring All American Homes back to the market. This began with gaining insight into their valuable perspectives on what made the brand so iconic in the past, in order to make it successful today.

“Our goal was to not only re-establish the All American Homes brand, but to reinvigorate it,” reflected David Reed, vice president of Champion Modular. “To do so, we hit the road and spoke directly with many former All American customers, incorporating their feedback into our formula for success. The result is a solid product offering that integrates the preferences of its customers, but does so without sacrificing quality or affordability.”

A former customer of All American Homes weighed in on what the brand re-launch means to his company:

“All American Homes was a top modular homebuilding company for decades, so we are very happy to see it return,” said Bob Lang, owner of LaPorte Housing Specialists, Inc., in LaPorte, Indiana. “We have nothing but great memories working with All American in the past and look forward to once again championing the All American name.”

I tried using the link they sent me but it appears that their website might be a little longer getting ready.

Good luck to Champion and All American Homes, a great brand that has always been known for good quality product and builder loyalty.


William aka "Little Bill" said...

I am very happy to see the All-American brand back on the market, with new models. It looks Christmas is coming early.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard is it Iowa or Indiana?

Anonymous said...

I heard it is Indiana first.

Anonymous said...

I heard Indiana also.

Anonymous said...

Will be glad when they restart the mod u kraf plant in Rocky Mount Va

Anonymous said...

This will not be the All American of old, or even the recent (prior to the 2016 closing). Its a high volume, low end to mid range supplier using the name for biz in an area (Indiana) that has a weak labor force.. Great to see the name out and about, all for that as it means housing is doing great, but it won't be the same, not even close. Kind of like a great old time rock band playing the county fair, just different lead singer, drummer and bass player :) Hope it works out though............. Original AAH was about as good as it gets....

Steve Payne said...

The product will actually be better than the old All American. Everything will be refreshed with new plans, elevations and true off frame modular. Major brand name specs like Kohler, Andersen and Merillat will be standard. You should come to Louisville in January to see the model first hand. We think everyone will be very happy with the quality and design trends.