Monday, November 6, 2017

PA Faces Challenge of Allowing Med Cottages

The Sandy Township Supervisors in Clearfield County of Pennsylvania received a zoning amendment request for a proposed Elder Cottage for temporary senior living.

An Elder Cottage can sit in the rear or the side yard of a family member and tie directly into sewer and water and potentially the electricity of the home that they sit on keeping an elderly person out of a skilled facility or an assisted living facility and allow them to age on their families’ property and they continue to have their independence in the community.

Typical High End Elder Cottage

There is currently no Elder Cottage program in Pennsylvania. However, they are located throughout the entire United States.

Sandy Township would be the first in the state of Pennsylvania and could become a pilot program.
Pennsylvania people are not getting any younger. The elderly population is going to skyrocket in the next few years and the cost of institutionalizing somebody is very, very expensive.

Once a person either passes away or goes into a skilled nursing facility, the zoning ordinances are put into place, the cottage is then removed and then put on somebody else’s property.

The Elder Cottages will modular homes. They have footers and they come on carrier and set with a crane.

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