Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sweden Could be a Disruptor in World Modular Housing

Volvo, IKEA, Lego and Swedish fish are world leaders in trucking, furniture, toys and the candy devoured by school bands on bus trips everywhere.

What is missing from the list is one of the fastest growing segment of their industrial might...modular housing. One of the biggest modular/prefab home companies is Lindb├Ącks who is opening their newest 450,000 sq ft modular factory in December 2017 making it the largest in Europe.

They build apartment buildings averaging 100 units each. Every week, they deliver and complete about 13,200 square feet of turnkey housing, which corresponds to approximately 20 apartments. Adding the new factory to the current production should be awesome.

New Zealand is about to see the Swedish Modular factory, VIPP, send them unique new modular cabins and apparently New Zealanders love them. It a tiny house for people that don’t want to have their tiny houses built on a utility trailer.

The Swedish-built Vipp cabin can pop up in the woods in three to five days.

Imagine a prefabricated holiday home where every item, down to the last detail, is already installed and ready to go.

That's the thinking behind the Vipp modular cabin. In fact, the unit is so prefabricated, the Swedish company says the only choice left is where to put it.

And while Vipp officially calls it a "shelter", CEO Kasper Egelund describes it as a "battery-charging station for humans".

But is a 570 sq ft house built in Sweden that can be shipped to any port in the world, then delivered to your site and set up ready to occupy in only 5 days really worth over half a million dollars PLUS Transportation and Set?

The next time you step on one of your children’s Legos in the middle of the night or put together one more IKEA bookcase just think that those everyday essential items are from Sweden.

Don’t think they will be quiet much longer about their modular housing being exported to the US or even manufactured here.

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