Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Clayton Builds New Employee Centric Factory

Clayton home building group, a national home builder, unveiled its newest home building facility in Athens, Texas designed to transform industry standards with focus on team member experience, sustainability and innovation.

After listening to the needs and wants of Clayton team members through an in-depth survey, the company analyzed how best to support their team members throughout the off-site construction process in their home building facilities. The response was a 160,000-plus square foot facility that has since surpassed those needs, which started with simply making team member jobs easier and more enjoyable.

From incorporating a healthy dining environment to eliminating large amounts of dust commonly found in home building facilities, Clayton Athens team members also enjoy modern amenities including:
  • An expansive dining area featuring a complimentary salad bar with a "restaurant feel" to give team members a place to relax.
  • Open office floor plans in a casual, informal environment to inspire creativity.
  • Automated processes creating a more efficient, less labor-intensive work environment.
  • Air conditioned areas dubbed "cool zones," that provide a space for team members to cool off and also improve air quality within the facility.
  • Interactive touch-screen monitors and tablets to eliminate paper waste.

"This building facility sets the new standard for all of our national locations and elevates the manufactured housing industry," Clayton home building group president, Keith Holdbrooks said. "Our people are our most valuable asset and we want to provide them with a world-class team member experience.  Clayton Athens was designed to exemplify our continued dedication to our Clayton team."

Building off-site with advanced technology features and automated equipment aid in the movement of materials and puts less physical strain on team members. This helps facilities maintain exceptional product quality by minimizing potential errors.

Promoting environmental sustainability, Clayton Athens is implementing measures to become the first paperless home building facility in the company. Large touch screen monitors and tablets replace posters and paper handouts to display important production information and company news. Following the standard set by Clayton's other home building facilities, Clayton Athens is also in the process of becoming ISO 14001 registered by following sustainability guidelines and implementing green building practices.

"Reducing waste and energy consumption is a top priority of ours," Holdbrooks said. "We're implementing technology and procedures at our Athens facility that will help us increase efficiency while diminishing our waste.  We want this incredible facility to represent the next step to a smarter, more forward-thinking home building process for our industry."

Clayton is currently upgrading nine other home building facilities nationwide, providing renovations that mirror the standards of a world-class team member experience continuing to elevate the manufactured housing industry through innovation.


Anonymous said...

This type of innovation will never be seen on the modular side of the housing industry.

Tom Hardiman said...

I say kudos to Clayton for taking the lead. Not only will more of this happen on the modular home (and commercial) side of the business, it MUST happen! I'm not talking about the free salad bars, but the shift more towards industrialization, waste minimization, and efficient manufacturing processes, as opposed to offsite construction in large warehouses (generally).

If the existing U.S. manufacturers delay and are reluctant to invest and innovate (continuously), one of two things will happen - new companies will open up and deliver the same "product" more efficiently and / or foreign manufacturers will seize the opportunity.

Let's not repeat the same mistakes our auto industry made in the 1970-80s.