Monday, December 4, 2017

Kasita’s New CEO Prepares Company For Growth

Kasita has a new CEO, Martyn Hoffmann. He replaced Founder Jeff Wilson, mostly because Hoffmann has luxury home and planned community development experience — and Wilson is more akin to a visionary and chief evangelist for disrupting the real estate industry.

Martyn Hoffmann, new Kasita CEO

Hoffmann has been CEO for about three months and he’s leading the company as it heads toward a Series B raise to take on new markets like FEMA disaster housing and big residential develop deals.

Kasita has grown to 40 full-time employees, moved from the Canopy development in East Austin to a much large space further East and they have landed approval to sell their 370-square-foot homes in Texas, California and Nevada, which sets them up to launch in most states as demand requires.

Hoffmann has been a long-time luxury planned community developer in California and Costa Rica. He first met Kasita while he was with Greenfield Partners, where he helped vet Kasita ahead of Greenfield’s contribution to Kasita’s Series A.

After joining the company as an advisor, he became COO. Then, because he had a skill set for Kasita’s execution phase that Founder Jeff Wilson didn’t have, he became CEO.

A year ago, Kasita was based in a space that looked like an artist studio. They moved to their new space closer to Highway 183 in May to start building up to five Kasitas at a time.

Since then, the company, which offers high-tech homes with a variety of app-based customizations, has gotten approval to sell their homes to residents in Texas, California and Nevada.

California is particularly important because it has some of the toughest housing code regulations in the nation, designed to ensure homeowners are safe and the state isn’t liable for problems, Hoffmann said. So the winning California approval set them up to expand as demand increases.

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