Sunday, December 17, 2017

Is Toyota About to Disrupt the West Coast Modular Housing Market?

I found this hard to believe but I’ve checked several sources and if Toyota Housing, one of Japan’s largest modular home builders, decides to come to America as rumored, they will probably build their first factories in CA and the Pacific Northwest where affordable housing is hard to find.

These will be single family dwellings, built to current IRC code, usually two stories built with a steel frame. The modules are 8’ wide and shipped on flatbed trucks cutting freight costs by a much as 75% over traditional US delivery of up to 16’ wide modules.

The Toyota homes in Japan are set within 24 hours with a smaller crane and a factory crew, again cutting costs. It then takes 2-3 days to finish all the electrical and plumbing connections. The unit’s interior also needS to be painted after setting. Balconies and porches are shipped complete and snap onto the homes.

Average cost in the US will be about $90,000 and could carry a 60 year warranty. They will also be New Zero ready with solar panels and High Performance engineering.

Limited customization is also possible. Using steel allows them to bunch smaller segments together to form larger rooms.

I can’t wait to see the first Toyota factory open in the US. It will be a major disruption to our housing industry.


Studio Kiss / ASAPHouse said...

Finally, a truly modular system that will be of high quality

Anonymous said...

We won't have to try very hard to beat American modular quality After 29 years in the business I've have it, I'm done

Anonymous said...


Not familiar with this publication, but look at the companies that pay for it off to each side.

I don't think the writer of this article has ever owned a manufacturing company.

They have never been responsibile for the employees and their families that produce the modular housing. This promotional article (Once again) is Doom and Gloom of our Nation.

SmartStone said...

I agree, innovation does create the loss of jobs sometimes, but this publication is about Modular Homes. Or is it just related to modular homes in the US?
Get with the play...companies must innovate, or die. US companies have the same opportunities to innovate as anyone else, like Toyota, or others. If they do not there will not be jobs for people anyway, they will go broke in the meantime. There is no room for complacency!
I remember when these same Japanese companies started producing small cars with better petrol efficiency quite time ago. The US car companies did not recognize the threat to the big gas guzzling monsters they produced and did virtually which time they lost so much momentum that the small Japanese cars gained a lot of local sales before the US car industry woke up?

It can, and may be the same in the building industry. Protectionism does not guarantee quality or efficiency. In fact some times the opposite, as there is no need to innovate when the competition is taken out simply because they are a threat to local employment.
If you think of Doom and Gloom you are very short sighted indeed. Find a way to be better than the competition, but that requires effort, and investment. None of the latter, yes Doom and Gloom of the nation...self inflicted!

Anonymous said...

We need to welcome new ideas and outside investors who are in our industry. Over the past few years the investors were only interested in making the company look big and selling it. When they failed, they stripped the assets and left town.