Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Are You Up for the Challenges Coming Your Way?

New home builders are facing challenges that is putting pressure on you to stay ahead of them. As the old saying “First you have to acknowledge there is a problem” has never been truer than it is today.

Builders, Builder organizations and offsite factories all expound on ways to make sure everyone gets the latest information needed to stay and improve their business lives. Articles are written, podcasts are created, YouTube videos are produced and seminars are held to continually educate builders.

They all work together to improve our industry. However there is no master list of challenges facing builders…..until now.

  • Building homes is becoming more complex. There is a increased demand for more sophisticated building methods including green materials and energy saving construction techniques. Homes have to be priced more accurately.
  • Builders aren't just competing with other builders. You are competing with used homes, new technologies, new ideas in marketing, developers and even factories selling directly to the home buyer.
  • Builders need a networking system.  Modular home factories must step up and become part of that support, not just a place to buy a couple of modules to build a house. Organizations serving the modular home industry, such as the BSC of the NAHB and the MHBA, have both made huge strides in supporting their builders.
  • Builders must continually be educating themselves.  No one else can do it for you and you can't expect your factory rep to be your only source of information. Read books and articles, go to builder meetings, listen to podcasts and go to IBS every year. 
  • Customers are demanding more complex building systems.  How does a builder go about working with a solar contractor and the factory to insure that when the house is delivered that all the things the solar needs is actually in the house? What goes into a high performance home? What is a HERS rater? Your customers are asking about them and you better know the answers.
  • Customers are better informed. Customers have an improved understanding of their needs and therefore impose greater requirements on home builders. Think how the Internet has changed buying decisions. Google and YouTube make your home buyer more knowledgeable in less time. They are even Googling about what they want in their home while sitting with you. 
  • Competitors are becoming more sophisticated and smarter.  If you aren't the lead dog the view never changes. You may be the lead dog in your market area now but never forget you fought to take it from one of your competitors.
  • The Future was Yesterday. New technologies, new business conditions, new regulatory and legal requirements, new practices, and new demands are being introduced quicker than ever. These changes require proactive stances to detect future needs and very different approaches to plan, create, and implement solutions.

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