Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Colby Swanson, A Featured Speaker at the January 24 Modular Symposium

Join Colby from the Momentum Innovation Group, and the other speakers for a full day "The Future of Modular in the East" Symposium in Lewisburg, PA on January 24, 2018.
Colby Swanson, Momentum Innovation Group

Colby’s Topic: The construction industry here in the US and around the world is evolving faster than it ever has … and it's about time … but it also can be a unsettling time for legacy industry players heavily invested in business practices and norms of yesteryears. The change we speak of will happen gradually (relative to faster evolving industries) but it is coming faster than most anticipate. The first “unicorn” in our industry has already happened and most industry “insiders" don’t know who or what I speak of. New building methods, new materials, shifting supply chains, advancing integrated systems are being tested and challenged w/ unencumbered abandon, but it is the new collaborations b/w uncommon partners that is and will continue to have the biggest impact. There is no roadmap to the future and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. What I can offer is a picture of the changing landscape and a thesis of who is in a position of strength, where new opportunities are emerging and the undercurrent of key value and risk drivers. A microscope is on the modular construction industry and the many new perspectives and fresh thinking being applied are singly focused on delivering higher and more direct value direct to customers. Some in our industry will react w/ an open mind, others will chuckle and say “good luck”, most will keep their head down and continue business as usual … there is no right answer except to stay sharp, stay engaged and be nimble. Colby’s Bio: Colby Swanson is a serial entrepreneur who exists to challenge the status quo. He has spent over twenty years in the building industry gaining a 360 degree understanding of the construction space. He began as a framer and builder, graduated to a building scientist and forensics investigator, has authored corporate strategy at a Fortune 500 company, and started seven companies. Colby will be joined by 4 other experts in their fields talking about what is headed our way in modular construction in the East. CLICK HERE for more information and to reserve a seat at the Symposium.

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Harris - Finish Werks said...

Colby was off the rails in Hershey last Fall. Great big-picture thinking. His presentation was casual and straight. The scars from his framing years may have healed nicely, and he dresses smart.

But he's found time to see the forest - no trees included. He's a friend looking out for others. And right now, this includes us.

If for no other reason (free food, etc) come spike the cobwebs off the complacency in your brain. I have it. We all have it. Now do something about it.