Sunday, January 14, 2018

Connecticut Modular Farmhouse Balances Modern, Traditional Styles

As architect J.B. Clancy began sketching a country retreat for his longtime friends from New York City, he was looking for the right balance between modern and traditional. Clancy, a principal with Albert, Righter & Tittmann in Boston, refined the drawings with his clients’ input, and each variation included more New England vernacular — a steep pitched roof, a generous overhang of eaves, and a covered front porch — while retaining light-filled, open spaces within.
“They wanted it to feel fresh and new but still fit in with the rural Connecticut landscape,” he says.

To speed the building timeline, the owners hired Huntington Homes of East Montpelier, Vermont, which specializes in energy-efficient, factory-built, modular construction. The house has a superinsulated envelope, and the main rooms are oriented south to capture passive solar heat.

What the owners now call their modern farmhouse sits high atop a rise at the front of their 112-acre wooded property in Litchfield County, Connecticut. A gravel driveway that winds its way up from the road follows a path beside an old stone wall.

Click Here to read the entire Boston Globe article and view more pictures of this great home.


Anonymous said...

I agree with making sure that you have sturdy locks. I think people underestimate quite how flimsy they can be. I had my house broken into a few years back, I have a Keyfree lock now and feel so much safer than I ever did before.

Stevehbgpa said...

This home is really beautiful and a fine example of what the modular industry is capable of.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Coach for featuring this home. Thank You Steven for your kind words. Thank You Anonymous 7:37AM for your random spam.

This project was a great blend of two building companies each doing what they do best. All being orchestrated by a great architect who just wanted to get it right.

Huntington Homes provided the core building envelope for this project (framing, mechanical rough-in, insulation, GWB, sheathings, windows, WRB). The local builder provided all interior and exterior finishes.

We brought in a quick, energy efficient, cost effective shell. The contractor then worked with the architect and client for a more traditional (slower paced) design / build of custom finishes.

It was a successful project for everyone involved.

Thanks for sharing.

jason webster
huntington homes, inc.