Tuesday, January 9, 2018

IBS - Day One

Left the house at 6:00 AM for a 9:55 AM Flight to Orlando International Airport. 9 ½ hours later at 3:30 PM I entered the Big Top circus of IBS. Speakers, exhibits and people everywhere….Oh My!

The first day was almost in the books for the day by the time I visited the BSC (Building Systems Council) lounge on the 3rd floor. No sooner did I walk in, Mike Holmes from the “Holmes on Homes” TV show began talking about TimberBlock Engineered Homes along with Parker McGee from the company.

Quite fascinating and he is just as nice and down to earth as he is on TV. For all those not familiar with the BSC, it is the place where the future is happening. Under the guidance of the BSC's Devin Perry it has seen a resurgence in attendance and participation by BSC members. The BSC is composed of all the types of construction that isn’t site built. Modular, panelized, timber, log, concrete, SIP and others. The future of housing lies with these types of construction. People representing each of them was in the room with the blatant exception of anyone from the modular factories. I can only assume there might be a couple at IBS but even if one or two factories are at IBS, not to see a single modular factory person at the reception that followed Mike Holmes was eye opening. The people I met in just my short period of time today were a most interesting bunch who were joining in the BSC activities for the first time and finding that this is place to learn about the future. Let’s hope day two is filled with wonder for Modcoach as I stop by several education sessions, visit the Exhibit Halls and the Professional Builder Village located outside. And yes, eat my fair share of free food.


Bill Hart said...

Come on coach, it surprises you that no one representing the mod industry was in the BSC area..really!

Harris - Finish Werks said...

Straight up, Bill. Only John Colucci from Westchester was there. I don't even recall seeing anyone from Palm Harbor and Nationwide in the BSC Lounge - and they had their homes on display!

The ignorance/arrogance of our modular manufacturers is pretty alarming, particularly after I sat through a presentation by Katerra. https://katerra.com/. These guys have taken the Blueprint Robotics concept (CNC automation) to the next level with cross laminated timber and more fully finished product. While their focus is on multifamily, the idea is the same for attached and detached single family:

Innovate or become obsolete.