Wednesday, January 10, 2018

IBS - Day Two Update

Another great day at IBS in Orlando. Started the day off at the Marvin Windows breakfast. Thanks Marvin for a great way to start the day.
Sat with quite a diverse group of builders. One builds luxury homes in the Orlando, another is a construction manager from NH and the third is a site builder from PA. Turns out all three share a common problem. Lack of skilled labor.
I could have jumped on my modular soapbox but decided it would be better to listen to them than to offer modular as a partial solution. Glad I did as each described how it was affecting their business.
Then it was off to the 55+ council sponsored event called “Adaptive Housing in a Box:How Modular Construction Can Meet Your 55+ Needs” to listen to 3 modular friendly people talk.

l-r; Valerie Jurik-Henry, Ken Semler, John Colucci

Valerie Jurik-Henry, John Colucci, Westchester Homes and Ken Semler, Express Modular took their hour to take the audience one step at a time through the benefits of using modular to builders meet both the needs of the 55+ crowd and the builder’s need to solve their labor shortage. I was happy to see so many questions from the audience who even stayed afterwards to meet with the speakers. Way to go Guys!
Next up was a press conference about the future trends that new home buyers want in their homes.

Rose Quint, the discussion leader gave us some interesting information. Two other speakers talked about the differences and preferences of mainstream houses and luxury home buyers.
More about this in later articles.
Lunch at the BSC Lounge courtesy of Citizens Bank and then off the exhibits. Look for another update about that soon.

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