Sunday, January 28, 2018

JLC's Report on High Performance from IBS

For you High Performance Geeks, this years IBS was the place to be. High Performance, air infiltration and energy saving products were everywhere.

The Journal of Light Construction released a video of just a few of the most innovative new products coming on line for the construction industry. My favorite is the idea of having the blower door test actually create a way to make a home more airtight. 

Got to watch the video:


Unknown said...

Thanks for this tremendous effort to raise awareness about what's going on and what's new and improving in the Modular world.
We're an architect/developer firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We have a 44 unit, 2 story condo project that's split into 3 separate buildings that is designed for modular.
The project is currently going through Site Plan Approval and has private investor and a bank commitment for financing in place.
Is this a good forum to find manufacturing companies interested in working with us on this project?
Damian Farrell

Coach said...

This is the place to network about anything modular. I would love to hear how the process is going from submitting your modular plans for review through final finish. I smell an article that should be shared.