Friday, January 26, 2018

PROFESSIONAL BUILDER Article Gives Accurate Snapshot of Current State of Modular Housing

PRO BUILDER’s John Caulfield has written the best article I have read yet on what is happening in today’s modular housing industry. His featured article lays out a world where modular housing is sitting on a huge pile of party poppers just waiting to become the guest of honor in single and multifamily housing.
Once you start reading it, you quickly realize that so much is stirring in the modular housing world that even he couldn’t begin to explain it. He writes about so many people and factories in this single article that one wishes he could expand it into a entire series featuring every builder named. People like Vaughan Buckley who in less than a decade has become a major multifamily contractor in Philly using modular construction. Or Kris Megna in Boston selling his customers totally custom modular homes in the million dollar range. Let’s not forget Ken Semler whose company is exploding across the US with an Internet approach to buying custom modular homes. At my recent event I talked with Bill Swartz, a modular builder for decades, who told me he has never seen so many customers wanting modular as he has seen in the past year. The list of interesting builder stories could keep Mr. Caulfield writing for years and never be able to keep up. His article talks about factories moving into multifamily in a big way. Major hotel franchisers like Marriott are demanding modular constructed hotels and even D R Horton is ready to begin building a community using modular. I am in awe of what John has written about our industry in this article and if you haven’t read it yet, DO IT RIGHT NOW!
CLICK HERE to read John Caulfield’s article “Is This Modular's Moment?” in PROFESSIONAL BUILDER


Anonymous said...

Informative and Evocative concerning the state and future direction of our business operations

Anthony said...

Coach you are correct he is spot on-it is amazing what is going on in our industry. The wave has been building for a long time now and is ripe to explode into something that is a long time coming for the building industry. And people with the passion and information you share throughout our industry are to congratulate and thank to get us here and to where we are going. Looking forward to the today, tomorrow and the next 20 years to see where we all land. But I know one thing for sure-with the flight pattern the modular industry is on now we are not landing anytime soon!!! Thanks again coach and to all of our industry leaders!