Monday, January 8, 2018

Steve Kennealy Improving After Injury - Good News

An update on Steve Kennealy's condition:
Whether you know him through the Department of Public Safety for the State of Massachusetts, the modular home industry or Dreamline Modular Homes, Steve is and always has been an advocate for modular housing.
Recently Steve was seriously injured and thanks to all his friends, neighbors and modular industry associates for supporting he and his family through a GoFundMe page that was started and has met its goal. A lot of people have been emailing me about what is happening with Steve and I am happy to share this update from Kris Megna, Dreamline Homes: Good Afternoon Everyone, I hope you all are well. We just wanted to give a quick update on Steve and where we stand. Over the last 10 days or so Steve has made some incredible progress and is moving up the chart on the coma scale. He has woken up and is starting to process his surroundings a bit more. He can open his eyes, visually track, but we do think he is still seeing double. He does know who he is and who the people are that surround him. He has been giving the family hugs :) and his sense of humor has certainly not left by flipping off his friends! He has some very good arm movement on his right side, but a little less on the left. Overall he is taking steps in the right direction, and as we expected, now that he is awake he keeps getting stronger every day. As always thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please go visit him at Spaulding in Cambridge if you can. Every interaction helps. Visiting times start at 11am.

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