Monday, January 29, 2018

The Foreign Modular Invasion Is Heating Up

This article in Seattle’s Daily Journal of Commerce should send shivers up the spine of every East Coast based residential and commercial modular home factory. Take a few minutes to read it and ask yourself if you were ever contacted to build this. IF NOT….why not?

New York City architect, professor and television host Danny Forster was in Seattle Friday to talk to local AGC members about cutting edge building design and construction. Forster is a proponent of structural steel modular high-rise construction. His firm, Danny Forster & Architecture, is designing what he calls the world’s tallest modular hotel in New York City. The hotel is planned for a site at Sixth Avenue and West 29th Street in Manhattan. Forster said it will be about 350 feet tall and 100,000 gross square feet. Crews are now demolishing an old building to clear the site. An eye-opener about the project is its 170 rooms are being fabricated in Krakow, Poland. When finished, the rooms will be loaded onto a ship and sent to Brooklyn, where flatbed trucks will take each unit to the jobsite for installation. Each module will be 12 feet wide and 30 feet long. Forster said units will arrive in America completely finished and furnished — from TVs to soaps in dishes in the bathrooms. He said they will be plug-and-play for jobsite workers, who will connect power, HVAC and plumbing to utility corridors in the hallways. Units will be “unstacked” from the ship by year end. Crews will build a floor a day using eight units. They will never enter the locked units during construction.

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Tom Hardiman said...

I think this has a lot to do with Citizen M being comfortable working with Polcom, particularly in Europe. This is more about how advanced Europe is over U.S. with many more modular developments under their belts. Citizen M (and Marriott for that matter) would love nothing more than to develop relationships here with quality manufacturers.

Here's a quote from one article I found on Citizen M: "CitizenM in 2015 chose the Polish company Polcom Modular, which has worked with citizenM in the past and has built numerous modular projects, to manufacture the units for the Bowery hotel. CitizenM co-owns the hotel with Brack Capital Real Estate. “We are 100% open to exploring new relationships with U.S. manufacturers,” said Ernest Lee, citizenM’s vice president of development and investments in North America."

The interest from the owner is there!