Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Future Passed You About a Year Ago

The vast majority of modular factory owners, management, builders and suppliers wake up every morning and don’t realize that it’s not 1998 any longer.

That observation was brought home to me while attending the International Builders Show (IBS) in Orlando this week. The changes I saw just from last year’s show were amazing.
Everything from SIP based lumber to Augmented Reality was on display. Speakers at all the different venues were talking about ways to improve your business with many of them giving us a glimpse into the future.
One young woman at a booth featuring a new CAD product summed it up best when she said “The future passed us a year ago and we’re already seeing what we once thought impossible walking in the front door”. I love that line.
But there was one thing I didn’t see this week at IBS…..YOU!

Don’t be like the 3 monkeys not wanting to hear about the future, see the future and most importantly, discuss the future.
With the exception of a couple modular people I didn’t see anyone from our industry there. Not only did you miss all the great exhibits, all the wonderful speakers and all the networking opportunities, you were missing the future.
People everywhere were talking about modular. Case in point. I try to start a conversation about modular everywhere I go. I’m sitting at the window seat on the plane heading to IBS and immediately learn the person next to me is the President of large Baltimore development company that tried modular a few years back. He told me he doesn’t even consider it an option as his company lost a huge amount of money on their first modular project.
Modular construction was not on his radar until we talked about all the ways it could solve some of his problems especially his labor issues. Maybe modular is back in his future.
The point of this is that doing business the way we always have isn’t part of the future. The future is automated wall panel machinery that can do custom walls faster than can be built currently.
The future is the modular builder’s customer seeing the factory process through a VR tour while sitting in their living room.
Visionaries outside the modular construction industries are doing extraordinary things to help improve our industry. They are disruptive, they are young and they are the future of modular construction. Everything from 3D printed homes to better products to imaginative new ways to design a home.
I want to bring a little of this future to you. Some of the top speakers at this years IBS are going to be sharing their glimpse into the future at “The Future of Modular in the East” Symposium on January 24th in Lewisburg, PA.
If you can’t spare one day to listen to what has already happened and what is coming like a rocket into the modular industry, maybe you should just stay home and watch the future run over your business. It takes no prisoners!
CLICK HERE to learn more about my January 24th Symposium and register today. The future waits for no one.


Builder Bob said...

Great seeing you at IBS on Wednesday. You are right about not seeing many of my peers there. I guess their wallets were a frozen as their butts in the cold weather.

Anonymous said...

Champion had almost 20 people there.

Anonymous said...

Nationwide Homes / Palm Harbor Homes had 3 modular homes on display: