Monday, January 15, 2018

The World is Rapidly Accepting Modular Housing

Out of the box: Philippines' prefab village designed by starchitects
On a building site about 50 miles outside the Philippine capital of Manila, construction is underway on a completely new 346-acre town.
But much of the work is taking place elsewhere. In fact, most of the 6,000 homes in the development, called Batulao Artscapes, will be prefabricated -- built in factories and then transported to the site. Expected to complete by 2020, the masterplan comprises 12 different styles of home set across four "villages." Prospective residents can choose from prefabs designed by notable creatives, from artist David Salle to the musician-turned-interior-designer Lenny Kravitz. But given that modular homes were initially created to deliver affordable housing -- quickly and at volume --what can an entire town of designer prefabs offer that conventional settlement can't? For Dutch designer Marcel Wanders -- whose "Eden" house is being made available in Batulao Artscapes -- a large-scale approach makes prefabs more viable for both designers and buyers. "You still need electricity, water, sewage -- it needs a lot of stuff. We'd basically be creating half a product. So I thought, 'Why wouldn't we make a prototype for a developer (who can) build and sell the houses?' "The problem with prefab housing is that while you can buy the house and build it quickly, you have a lot on your plate," he said in a phone interview. "Now you can have a prefab house that has everything you want -- electricity and so on -- that is organized by the developer." CLICK HERE to read the entire CNN Style article.

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