Thursday, February 8, 2018

CA City to Build Modular Factory. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

California, the beautiful state located on the Pacific Ocean is home to Hollywood, High Tech companies, wineries, bankrupt cities, Nancy Pelosi and more homeless people than can be counted.

Imagine my surprise when I read that San Francisco’s Mayor and City Council are scrambling to find a site to build a modular factory. Mayor London Breed, in collaboration with building trades (union) groups, is expected to announce the first steps in establishing a government modular factory within city limits soon. “The housing shortages and homelessness issues facing our city are the challenges of our time, and we need to deliver creative solutions,” Breed said. “It is clear that we need more housing, and we need it now.” Why are they doing this when Factory OS is quite capable of supplying modular housing to the homeless from their Mare Island factory in Vallejo, CA? Quite simple. The local San Francisco unions that work on construction within the city limits feel that Factory OS, a union shop, is allowing their union employees to work on the modules from “wall to wall” instead of hiring several union members to do the same job which is what will happen if San Francisco’s government builds a factory within city limits. Building Trades Council President Larry Mazzola wrote a letter warning the city not to hire Factory OS because its agreement with the Vallejo carpenters union, which allows those workers to do everything from painting to plumbing to carpet laying, jobs usually performed by other trades. The Mayor and City Council see a savings of 20% on cost and a 40% savings in time by using modular construction IF provided by Factory OS or other modular factories outside city limits. However most if not all of that savings will probably disappear if the city government builds a factory and the unions require several union people to do the work performed by a privately owned union shop modular factory located out of town. Let’s take a look at this one more time and ask “What could possibly go wrong if the city of San Francisco builds and operates its own modular home factory?”

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Unknown said...

Government and unions in cahoots to protect their monopoly on building? Sounds all too familiar. I barely trust the government to provide me a drivers license, let alone run a modular factory. this will be another solyndra 3 years from now.