Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Looking at the Labor Shortage from the Inside

I received an email from a friend that recently retired as an auto mechanic telling me that he was asked, no begged, by his employer to stay until they found someone skilled for his position.

It took over a year. Not because his boss was picky, rather it was a matter of no one with skilled automotive experience applied for the job and the ones that were hired needed so much training. When we talked about it a couple of days later, he said I might like watching “Eric the Car Guy"’s videos, especially one he did about the shortage of skilled labor. I did and here it is….enjoy

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Anonymous said...


This a comment I hear every day. I am in the Modular business. The issue is not that people in our industry do not understand the labor issue but rather our customers refuse to monetize or attach a value to the problem!
In other words, it is going to cost more to hire and train labor and that cost gets passed along. Most developers and GCs talk about this challenge but want the factory to come up with a magic wand to solve it with no increase in product costs. You can't get there from here.
Until everyone in the industry gets their head wrapped around this huge challenge we will be nothing more than cocktail talk.