Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tennessee State Fire Marshal Says Manufactured Housing Fires Deadliest in State

According to Claims Journal, an Insurance Industry website, manufactured houses (HUD) are the scenes of relatively few fires every year in Tennessee, but those fires are among the deadliest, causing a disproportionate number of fire-related deaths and prompting the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office to remind consumers that fire safety should be a priority in all homes, especially during the high-risk winter months.

Manufactured homes – also known as mobile homes or trailers – are transportable structures that are fixed to a chassis and specifically designed to be towed to a residential site. They are not the same as modular or prefabricated homes, which are installed on a foundation. Currently, Tennessee has more than 260,000 manufactured homes. According to the Tennessee Fire Incident Reporting System (TFIRS), fire departments responded to 1,857 fires in manufactured homes during 2012-2016. Those fires killed 79 civilians, injured 76 civilians and 18 firefighters, and caused $29.6 million in direct property damage. State data indicates that 18 percent of Tennessee fire deaths happen in manufactured homes, even though this type of structure only makes up nine percent of Tennessee housing stock.

Modcoach note: A lot of these manufactured home fires were pre-1976 non-HUD regulated homes. Today's manufactured homes are built to a much tougher code that may have prevented a lot of those fires from spreading and being as deadly. CLICK HERE to read the entire Claims Journal article

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