Monday, March 26, 2018

Can US Homebuilders Afford to Use Good Lumber?

Many of the problems we hear about and actually see on jobsites, both offsite and site built, is the poor quality of standard SPF #2.

When I was the General Manager of a large lumber yard back in the 1980’s it wasn’t much better. I can still remember the yard men cutting the steel banding from around the 2x4s and watching some of the sticks literally leap out of the bundle. They were that warped! And this was directly from the mills.

Our bundles of 3D lumber (damaged, dirty and discontinued) sometimes rivaled what we had in the yard.

Site builders would go through the lumber sent them and refused up to 20% of it as it was twisted, warped and split beyond usability.

Have things changed much since the ‘80s? Not from what I’ve been hearing from builders and factory people.

What would you say if I told you that there is a source for absolutely beautiful 2-by lumber and sheet goods but it would cost you up to 30% more than you’re paying now with a usability factor of over 97%?

There is such a product and it can be found in Finland. UPM Lumber has sawmills that are turning out such good product that it is in demand around the world.

Too bad this lumber isn’t readily available at a competitive price as it sure would be great to work with, especially in modular housing.

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