Thursday, March 1, 2018

MHBA Member Suggests It’s Time for a Fresh Look at Your Business Insurance

After working for a national insurance company that specialized in forest products manufacturing including modular manufacturing, Ed Fitzgerl joined the team at Marchetti Robertson & Brickell Insurance and Bonding (MRB) in 2015 as a Regional Manager / Producer and quickly identified the Modular industry as a perfect niche for the agency. With several other MRB producers, including Owner Ray Robertson, having very similar backgrounds it was easy to start the process.

Ed Fitzgerl
“We had the experienced team and the insurance company partners to write this class of business so it was an easy transition”, said Ed Fitzgerl who leads the Modular team.

“It’s exciting to watch this industry grow in different pockets across the United States. We realize the global nature of the industry. MRB is fortunate to have the resources and ability to get to wherever we need to in order to help a company review their current insurance program”, said Ray Robertson, Owner and Vice President of MRB.

Understanding the need to give back to the industry, MRB supports the Modular Home Builder Association and Ed currently serves on the Business Development Committee to help attract more members. MRB is also involved in other industry associations that support Modular. “We also serve the primary and secondary manufacturers that are brought into the Modular process. This includes some of the largest sawmills in the US, wood flooring and cabinet companies and even concrete companies who provide the foundations.”

With the Modular industry moving fast, growing companies should be wary of their current insurance coverages. Items such as being under insured, lack of liability transfer and not making the proper coverage adjustments along the way can lead to problems for manufacturers and builders. “In many cases, we find that the policies that are in place have been there from day one with no review or adjustments. This can lead to big problems when a claim comes in.” For larger companies, MRB has more “risk retention” programs that can help reduce insurance costs and help with overall risk management practices. “MRB steps in and helps the decision makers manage their insurance programs so they can get back to their business which is leading a successful and profitable company. We are there on a regular basis so we know all aspects of the business model”.

Those in our industry know that insurance is a must have, like it or not, and most of us don’t want to know much about it until a claims arises. It’s nice to know that a company like MRB has taken to our industry and wants to help.

For more information about working with MRB, contact Ed Fitzgerl at 816-506-6004 or

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Tom Hardiman said...

Ed is a good guy and MRB is a good support of the industry trade association. We all need to support those that give back to the industry.