Monday, April 2, 2018

FEMA Trailers Could be the Answer to Homeless

The other day my email contained a quick note that I didn’t think was relevant to modular housing but after thinking about it for a bit I realized that it could be just what the doctor ordered to cure the problem of housing the homeless in big cities across the US.

Using the same specifications as the homes FEMA builds for natural disaster housing, cities could take large parcels in highly blighted areas of cities where mostly abandoned properties and empty lots are located, level them, put in public utilities and then buy FEMA trailers at a Federally subsidized reduced price or use private and charitable monies to buy them.

Most of the areas where these would go are already served by public transportation so getting back and forth to work would not be a problem for the new tenants. No work, no assisted living unless they cannot work.

I would guess the big manufactured housing factories would jump at the idea if they knew they were going to get tax breaks and incentives from the city, state and Federal governments.

Build them to HUD standards and fast track them through the inspection process. New FEMA HUD homes for the homeless for less than what those uninspected, converted yard sheds with no insulation or proper lighting and heating.

Just an idea sent to me by email. Sounds great to me and probably to every HUD manufacturer in the country also.

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Anonymous said...

wasn't there several thousand of these units built for Katrina and they ended up at some airport in Arkansas or someplace?

you still have to fight the NIMBYs and those that simply want the construction industry to "do something".

When you point out the economics of the situation you then get labeled a greedy capitalist who doesn't want to help the less fortunate.

Having been involved with affordable housing I can tell you the hoops to jump thru are numerous and very time-consuming.