Monday, April 23, 2018

Top 5 Most Read Articles for March

The top articles for March all centered around what our industry is currently doing and what is possible in the future. CLICK on the title to visit the full article

Many of the problems we hear about and actually see on job sites, both offsite and site built, is the poor quality of standard SPF #2.

Many tract builders, the folks that should really be embracing modular home construction, always play the “Delivering Empty Space” card as a their excuse for not using modular.

Although most of the time a builder receives a home built just as ordered from the factory without major problems, there are some cases where a new builder takes delivery of a home that probably should have never left the factory gates. Is it a matter of quality, miscommunication between parties, or the lack of a good order processing policy? The question of quality control from the modular home factory comes up with every new home delivered to a builder starting with a new builders first modular home delivery.

2,200 sq ft and climbing!

The size of the average new site built home.

However there is a small but rapidly growing new home buyer segment that is looking to go smaller; the empty nest Boomer and the Millennial buyers.

After 2000 a new breed of modular home builders came into the market, the site builder that switched to modular. Buyers were beginning to ask, no demand, changes to the factory’s basic plans and management was more than happy to meet those demands.

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