Monday, April 2, 2018

Whisper Creek Log Homes Tackles Labor Shortage

Anyone in the log home business knows that building a log home is labor intensive and many homes are built by the homeowners themselves with help from someone who is knowledgeable acting as the construction manager. Some log home manufacturers are also the people that build the homes.

Whisper Creek Log Homes in Hamilton, Montana

But when labor is hard to find it may be easier but not as cost effective to get the factory to do all the work of setting all the logs in place and finishing the home which could take up to six months or more.

Whisper Creek Homes in Montana has had the solution to both the amount of time needed to build a custom log home and the labor shortage.

Using panelized construction with different log exterior options, they will build the log home panelized walls inside their factory, truck the to the job site and erect the home saving the homeowner almost 300 hours of labor.

The lesson modular home factories can learn from this is that if they want to expand their housing options they may want to consider doing some panelized walls where it would be impossible to build sections of the house as modular in the factory.

Check out their video:

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