Monday, May 14, 2018

90% of Public Can’t Identify a Modular Home

A recent report from England carried out on behalf of Home Group by YouGov produced a couple of interesting statistics that could be just a useful here.

52% of the respondents said they were unlikely to live in a modular home but almost 90% couldn’t identify a modular home.

41% believe that modular homes are less durable than conventionally built homes.

Shown pictures of manufactured ‘container homes’ over 75% correctly identified them while only 11% could tell the difference between a modular home and an on-site built home.

While these statistics by themselves are quite eye opening, the real problem as pointed out by this research is that a lot more effort and thought has to be given to proving that modular housing is built at least or better than on-site home construction.

Short of going door to door to educate every new home buyer in the US on the merits and benefits of modular housing the only national program I know of is the MHBA’s ‘Consumer Awareness Program’ (CAP).

Even though it’s interesting to learn that England has the same awareness problem as the US it doesn’t help solve it.

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