Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tiny Houses. Answer for the Homeless or Just Hype?

Finally, someone has the intestinal fortitude to tell everyone that housing the homeless in tiny homes, garden sheds and chicken coops is not the answer to the problem and may actually become another problem on down the road.

This article by Miles Howard in The Outlook is right on the money.

You can’t just put homeless people
in tiny houses

Rather than confront America’s housing crisis head-on, some cities are asking homeowners to build tiny rental units in their backyard.

For decades, the pinnacle of the American Dream was to own a sprawling house with acres of kitchen space, multiple guest rooms, and a pool shaped like a Fender Stratocaster. This is why many Millennials grew up watching MTV Cribs, and probably also why so much porn is filmed in mansions. But not long after the 2007 housing market crash, a different kind of real estate dream was born: chucking the expensive mortgage payments and downsizing to something simpler, easier to maintain, and above all, smaller.

Model of the Plugin House at Boston's City Hall plaza. 

The tiny house has been called a spiritual cousin of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, the ultimate “simple living” book and a fixture on high school reading lists in America. Starting around 2008, people inspired by that dream built the first wave of tiny houses: cute, exquisitely designed little dwellings that compressed the essentials of a home into a compact space rarely larger than 400 square feet. Their finished wood floors and paneling, recessed mood lighting, and kitchen counters with built-in dog beds made them a fixture on Instagram and in lifestyle magazines.

But today, tiny houses are more than a fad for people looking to trade in their suburban homes and city apartments for something smaller and quirkier. Across a handful of prohibitively expensive U.S. cities, tiny homes are being presented as an affordable housing solution, and in some places, as a way to house the homeless.

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