Monday, May 21, 2018

Valerie Jurik-Henry Joins Better Living Express as AIP Advisor

Being a national speaker on Aging In Place, I often hear about services and product manufactures that are jumping on the AIP bandwagon. Aging In Place is a term used to describe helping people to remain living in their house throughout life when possible.

When you consider that we all age from the moment we are born until the last breath we take, then you must consider that structures remain the same while its occupants are always changing.

Our abilities change, our likes and dislikes and so on.

Many of us may have a personal story or know of someone who is entwined in an older adult’s life. Living at home isn’t easy for them due to the design. Maybe it’s the many steps to go up and down, or the bathroom with a tub that’s impossible to get in so they just stop using it, maybe it’s the fact that their laundry room and master bedroom is upstairs, and the walk up and down has become a challenge.

At one time our immediate thought to the person we see living in this quandary was “where are you going to go and live now?” The immediate thought by the adult children was usually to send their parent(s) to a nursing home.

Introducing Better Living Express. BLE is dedicated to helping those who are in need of helping themselves or a loved one find a place to live in that’s manageable.

BLE has a series of Better Living Cottages ranging from 600 – 980 sq/ft, one floor living with a sense of security in mind. BLE also offers a full line of Additions and Suites.

I personally feel that when a company can look forward and fill a national need of providing secure and affordable housing as a solution for so many– they are on my A Team! Contact me at

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Anonymous said...

Yes its called ADA codes, Its nothing new. Every state has them and most manufactures provide them. Fortunately the consumer has the choice to option ADA items to the home if they want. I don't really understand the point of this other than small floor plans that are ADA? It's nothing new.