Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Vic DePhillips Named COO of Modular Steel Systems

One of my biggest mentors in the modular home industry was and still is Vic DePhillips. While working at his factory, Signature Homes in Moosic, PA, I watched and learned from someone that is one of the best people in our industry.

A couple of months ago I learned that he had parted ways with owners of Signature and quickly contacted him asking what he was going to do. I am happy to report that Vic is back at the helm of another modular factory which specializes in light gauge steel modular construction.

L-R: Jeff Vanaatta, Production Manager, Vic DePhillips, COO, Gene McKeown, VP, Ed Heintz, GM

“I took about 8 weeks for me to realize that I was not ready to semi retire from this business. It did not help that the weather was not the best for golf during that time. So, I decided to pursue another opportunity in the industry”, said Vic when I talked with him.

“Accordingly, I accepted a position as the COO of Modular Steel Systems in Berwick, PA. This position will allow me to use my extensive knowledge and experience to help Modular Steel to continue to grow and prosper in the marketplace”.

“Modular Steel has a very unique market niche in that they offer both light gauge and heavy gauge steel framed modular products along with the more conventionally wood framed modules for both the commercial and multi-family and residential markets”.

“I am looking forward to this new challenge and experience as we as a company move forward”.

I, along with all his friends and colleagues in the modular housing industry, wish him the very best.


Anonymous said...

Glad you landed on your feet even though it may cut into your golf season. Only the best to you.

Stevehbgpa said...

Good to see you back in the saddle, Vic.

Steve Snyder, Esq.
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