Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sarah Murray: Playing the Modular Home Game

Sarah Murray, a young Australian, found that she and most of the young people of the world were being shut out of the new home market.  Frustrated by her lack of self-determination in the housing market, she created a computer game that allows home buyers to design a house and have it delivered to them in modular components that can be assembled on-site.

Sarah Murray

She is not building a factory nor is she endorsing any. She simply has laid out a plan to make her dream of home ownership a reality and at the same time provide a way for everyone that wants a home to achieve it.

Is what she saying in her TED TALK video revolutionary? No!

But what she is saying is that modular construction IS the future of housing in the world and if the industry fails to listen to all the young people she represents, our industry will continue to be only a small fraction of all new housing starts in the US.

Well done Sarah....

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Barry J said...

I'm really not sure what to make of this young lady. Yes, everyone in the world can build the home they want. Problem is that the vast majority can't afford even a free home. Infrastructure alone will prohibit 99% of the homeless from building a new home.

Coach, aside from her mentioning modular as the solution, nothing in her TED Talk makes much sense.