Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Stacking Oakland's Largest Modular Housing Project

Crowds gathered in Oakland on Thursday to witness the module crane installation of the Coliseum Connections apartment building. In less than three weeks, the site will have transformed from an empty foundation to a fully erected, five-story apartment building.

The modules were built at the Guerdon Modular Buildings factory in Boise, Idaho and shipped to the job site. Crews will then turn their focus to installing 44 townhomes, also built using modular construction.

“The modules go in incredibly fast,” said Deanne Tipton of Cahill Contractors. “We will save multiple months compared with a typical project.”

With construction costs soaring in the Bay Area, modular methods are a sought after solution to speed up timelines and lower the costs of building.

“The goal here is to bring in affordable housing for working class families where they need it most,” said Michael Johnson of UrbanCore Development. “The effort then expands into creating jobs and trying to raise up East Oakland as a whole.”

The one- and two-bedroom units will be split; half set aside for low-income residents and the other half rented at market rates.

The project is centered where demand is high and real estate is a premium; adjacent to the Coliseum BART Station and a short walk across a foot bridge to the Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena where the Athletics and Warriors play respectively.

After crane installation is complete, contractors will continue exterior and interior corridor connections and final finishes. The 110 unit project, which broke ground on October 6, 2017, is expected to begin housing tenants early next year.

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