Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dumbest Anti-Modular Statement Ever Made

Just when you think you’ve heard every reason why ‘modular’ housing isn’t much better than a mobile home, something new comes forward. This is probably the dumbest one yet and it comes from England’s Environment Audit Committee.

I simply couldn’t believe what I read in Construction Enquirer from July 30, 2018 and thought you might like to see what I think is the most outrageously absurd anti-modular statement ever published.

Here goes:

Heatwave sparks call to cut modular homes funding

The Government should stop funding construction of modular homes because they are “not resilient to heatwaves.”

The call was contained in a report from MPs on the Environment Audit Committee.

It said: “The Committee heard that public money is used to support the construction of modular homes.

“Modular homes are not resilient to heatwaves, and the Committee is calling for the Government to end public funding for them.”

The MPs put forward a raft of recommendations across all sectors warning that “there will be 7,000 heat-related deaths every year in the UK by 2050 if the Government does not take action.”

Experts at the Concrete Centre said the construction of modular homes should be modified to negate the threat of soaring temperatures.

It said: “The problem with most factory-made homes is their light-weight nature, which lacks thermal mass and causes them to warm up very quickly on hot days.

“Thermal mass is a property found in heavy-weight masonry and concrete dwellings and describes the ability to soak up heat, helping control the internal temperature and maintain comfortable conditions.

“Where modular, factory-made homes are required, the solution then is to build them from thermally massive materials, which means concrete products, for which there are a number of construction systems already on the market.”

I really hoped this was a parody. Unfortunately it’s a real article.


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Something is in the tea that they are drinking over there..
That is one crazy and ignorant statement..
Standard thermal zone homes from any legitimate American System Built Builder is
R-21 Walls / R-41 Ceilings