Sunday, August 5, 2018

New Modular Industry Job Listings for August

The following new job listings are from Robert Sage Careers. They specialize in the modular and offsite housing and commercial industries.

Contact them at for more information about a specific job or visit their website: Modular/Major Projects/NY
Modular/Manager Bus. Devel./S.W.
Modular/Senior PM/S.W.
Modular/3rd Party Plans Examiner Corporate/Midwest
Modular/Acct. Exec/NC
Modular/Acct. Exec./VA
Modular/Designer/Sales Estimator/S.W.
Modular/Project Manager/S.W.
Modular/Lead Designer/Houston
Modular/Project Manager/S.W.
Modular/Sales Manager/Florida and S.E.
Modular/Q.C. Manager/S.E.
Modular/Production Supervisor/S.E.
Modular/MP Sales/South
Modular/Sales Manager/N.E
Modular/HUD/Purchasing Manager/S.E.
Modular/HUD/Florida Zone Manager S.E.
Modular/MP Sales/S.E.

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