Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Home Store Is Seeking a Partner/Investor

The Home Store is seeking a partner/investor to help it grow and manage its business. To get an idea of what The Home Store intends to do, see Modular Consolidation, Part 1, and Modular Consolidation, Part 2.

The Home Store has sold over 1,300 homes in its 32 years. Its Model Home Center, with two model homes, is well-known in the Northeast because of its location on an entrance ramp to Interstate 91.

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Andy Gianino, the president of The Home Store, is the author of the number one selling book, The Modular Home. For consumers wanting to build a modular home and new builders needing a better understanding of the industry, this book can be very helpful.

The Home Store’s website is one of the top modular websites in the country, including both manufacturers’ and builders’ websites. In fact, it is ranked number one for search engine optimization (SEO). The website averages over 55,000 visitors a month, with almost 500 per month either requesting information, calling, or visiting the model home center. Note that the website generates this many monthly leads even though the current territory map shows The Home Store only building in parts of New England as well as small areas of NY and NJ. Of course, none of these areas are high growth. When The Home Store expands its sales coverage into NY, NJ, PA, DE, and other states, it will substantially increase its number of leads as the website is updated accordingly.

To handle the increased sales volume, The Home Store is creating a customized software program. This includes a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function for modular home lead management, as well as other critical industry functions, such as modular pricing, contractor pricing, project management, financial management, employee and customer task tracking, customer and subcontractor portals, and so on.

For more detailed information about The Home Store, email Andy at

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Anonymous said...

I met Andy for the first time when he spoke at one of Coach's seminars. He talked about what should happen but I don't think many understood what he was talking about. He is a man of vision and I hope he finds the right partner to help him realize his full potential.