Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Vote for Your MHBA Favorite "Modular Home of Year"

Each year, the Modular Home Builders Association asks for the public’s help in selecting our Home of the Year. Anyone can vote by selecting one of the past 12 Home of the Month winners. This year, we are excited about the diversity in sizes and styles and it should be a very competitive contest. From a very small 452 home to a 4,600 sf estate, the modular home industry can help you build your dream home.

To vote, go here:
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RWSCS2F and select the home that you feel deserves to be named our Home of the Year.
Note that under each image, there is a link that will take you to more pictures and information about that home. The winner will be announced on October 10th at our annual meeting in Hershey, PA.
Thank you! Tom Hardiman, Executive Director Modular Home Builders Association


Tom Hardiman said...

Thanks for sharing this Gary. We really want this to be a "people's choice" award and have received 180 votes so far. This contest demonstrates some great examples of the industry's capabilities, as evidenced by the fact that every home has received at least one vote.

Go vote people!

Anonymous said...

You should know that I did NOT select an example from my own factory, good as it was. Because they still don't pay CAP fees after many promises, and yet MHBA was willing to recognize them. Really disappointing. On a lighter note, all the entrants were great. Custom Modular is alive and kicking.

Tom Hardiman said...

Anon - thanks for recognizing the importance of the CAP fees. These homes are from last Sept through this Aug. Our goal and priority for selecting are: 1) member builder AND member manufacturer (I think we had one or two that didn't meet this but we don't promote the non-member) and 2) supports the Consumer Awareness Program (CAP). Sadly, that's not as easy as it seems. If you are a builder, tell your mfg to add the fee. If you are a mfg, just add it in as part of your cost!

I'm still shocked at how many successful manufacturers and builders think that $10 per floor will cost them a job and don't see the value in their trade association reaching tens of thousands of potential new homeowners.

I really don't think we can make this any easier for companies to support and yet several years in, the same nine manufacturers are supporting it.

Tom Hardiman said...

Anon - it's disappointing to us too that more manufacturers and builders don't see the value of this and still think that $10/floor will cost them a project. Our Home of the Month selection criteria includes 1) the builder AND manufacturer should be MHBA members (I think a few didn't meet that criteria but we didn't promote the non member) and 2) supports the Consumer Awareness Program (CAP).

Sadly, that's not as easy as it seems. Still many builders and some large manufacturers holding out on supporting their own industry association.

If you are a builder, tell your mfgs to add this to your invoice. If you are a mfg, just add the $10 /floor on every home. We've had a few builders who told us that their mfgs said they would support it, but we haven't seen a nickel from those companies. Several years into this and the same 9 manufacturers at the bottom of our home page are the only ones supporting this.

I really don't think we can make this easier for the industry to support.